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Flexidoor is a company operating in the automatic door sector whose mission is based on two fundamental pillars:
  • Guaranteeing the high quality of products put on the market, exceeding the expectations of its customers and ensuring their loyalty;
  • Guaranteeing perspectives for progress and professional advancement to its employees that will enable them to accomplish themselves as members of a winning team. 
Within the scope of its mission, the company's objectives are to:
  • Promote the maximum operating efficiency in all business areas in order to optimise the results generated by its financial, material and human resources;
  • Ensure the loyalty and maximum satisfaction of its customers through a firm commitment to innovation and offering the best price/quality ratio in its products and services; 
  • Direct the activity of the entire organisation in accordance with the highest standards of conduct and social responsibility, building relationships of trust with all of the company's stakeholders; 
  • Conduct business investing in continuous training and current management practices that ensure Flexidoor's positioning around strategic challenges and activities that are true creators of value. 
Being a longstanding leader in its sector of activity and the market in general, the company bases its strategy on three central values: 
  • The setting and communication of clear and demanding objectives;
  • Adequate control and proper critical assessment of results.
Permanent innovation that stimulates:
  • Pioneering in management processes and practices;
  • Dynamism and leadership in the market. 
Transparency of policies, which fosters: 
  • The ethical conduct of the organisation with respect to all stakeholders;
  • The objective assessment of employees regarding their performance and professional development; 
  • Social responsibility as a strategic choice;
  • Investment in strategic partnerships in the markets and regions in which it operates.
Today, Flexidoor is a solid and cohesive company with a clear vision and an organisation geared towards professional excellence, prepared to build another stage in its still short history, heading towards a stable, solid and durable future.

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