Residential doors Plus

The sectional doors PLUS, stand out for their set of innovations and advantages, namely:
  • Easy installation
  • The CLIP system allow a minimum headroom of 130 mm
  • Aesthetically more pleasing
  • Better results in CE marking, namely in air, water and thermal insulation classes
Custom Design

The Flexidoor doors allow a coverage application according to each customer desire, like existing coverings used elsewhere in the building where the door will be installed.

Note: Coverings effects are applied by the customer. 

For doors up to 3000 mm, we also offer the possibility to print any photo to cover the panel. We can also customize your door with the design you want, through the application of covering effects in stainless steel or aluminum. 

After all, it's YOUR DOOR! OWN A UNIC DOOR!

On the lead Because we don’t forget the installers, we have created the new CLIP System...
Flexidoor side hinge Elegant and innovative design, is flexible for allowing several setting points and robust because it has a steel solid structure. Characteristics 100% conceived, designed and manufactured by Flexidoor.
RUBBER SEAL ON THE HEADROOM Improves the tightness of the door and the aesthetics on the outside.
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