Dock Leveller RH1

Simple, quick and functional, it is without doubt the perfect solution for any loading bay. Its hydraulic tilting mechanism and folding lip enables the dock leveller to cover the gap and height between the loading bay and the truck, allowing it to rest firmly on the loading bay, to ensure a safe and efficient loading and unloading process. The standard colour is Ral 7016.
Platform A platform with an upper sheet of tear plate with thickness of 6/8 mm and a set of laminated profiles and protective side panels.
Structure with laminated profiles An inferior structure formed by laminated profiles upon which the platform and hydraulic assembly are installed.
Hydraulic folding lip A lip made of tear plate sheet with a thickness of 13/15 mm. The lip is folded and milled at the end, to fit onto the truck and to ease the passage of the forklifts.
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