Sectional Doors

We all give increasing importance to the aesthetic appearance of our homes, since it is essential for us to feel good in what is, after all, our house...
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Dock Shelters

In order to extend its range of products, Flexidoor has also now a wide range of Hydraulic Platforms and Dock Shelters at your disposal. Please contac...
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Automatic Glass Doors

This doors are ideal for placing in any kind of space. This type of doors does not neglect aesthetic, giving a unique beauty in any place where they a...
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High Speed Doors

Flxidoor High Speed Doors, are the ideal solution for all requirements of an intensive isolation and space environments with different characteristics...
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LIKE IT Automatic Devices

THE BRAND - LIKE IT!Following all these steps, Flexidoor S.A. chose the 2010 year to launch its own brand of automation - the LIKE IT.A completely new...
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Automations Ellard

Range of industrial automation, reliable and robust, they are one of the solutions presented by Flexidoor for the automation of doors with large dime...
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